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Don’t Be Racist - Decolonize Your Mind

October 9, 2020

This is our third episode in the Don’t Be Racist Series on the My American Meltingpot podcast. Last week we spoke about taking action. This week, we're going to work on decolonizing our minds. In order to be a true anti-racism warrior, decolonizing and unlearning many of the untruths we’ve been taught our whole lives is essential. So, today’s lesson is all about how and why decolonizing your mind is a must.

This episode is just the beginning of a process because decolonizing your mind is a lifelong pursuit. Opening up to the idea that you need to unlearn and relearn American history is the first step. And then you must keep educating yourself with resources that are not written by the so-called winners of history. During the show, I share seven decolonized truth nuggets that will jump start your decolonized education. 

Resources to Help You Decolonize Your Mind

For teachers and educators, a great article on decolonizing your history classroom with additional resources.

A moving essay by a young Black woman who explains what decolonizing her mind and life looks like. 

A great list of book titles from to help decolonize your mind.

A short Ted Talk to watch called: Decolonization is for Everyone.

People of color might want to follow @decolonizingtherapy on IG.

Educators and Parents might want to check out @decolonizeliteracy on IG for resources related to Black and Native experiences.

Thank you for listening. Please stay motivated and don't forget to vote. A vote for Joe Biden is a vote against four more years with an openly racist, dangerous president. 

Thank you for listening and please be sure to check out the show notes on the My American Meltingpot blog, where you can also leave me a comment about how you're enjoying the show and/or what lessons you'd like to learn in the series. 


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